andycfilm | og hoodie | 1.5 | sesame paste

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staying warm to be the warmth.

our original achoo hoodie features a 60/40 cotton-polyester blend, a fabric combination that we found to produce the softest and most comfortable touch for anyone. Here you'll find a piece essential to keeping your hands warm, so that you can be the warmth for others. Feel how cozy it is while bundled up and watching your favorite netflix k-drama during a typical quarantine night.


  • our thicc-est 60/40 cotton-polyester blend ever (380gsm)
  • oversized tri-panel hood to block the haters
  • hand-picked custom cuts and measurements for a true oversized fit
  • embroidered touches
  • metal trimmings
  • soft and cozy
  • screen printed 3-color film photograph by @andycfilm

size guide:

  • this product is intended to have an oversized fit
  • we recommend ordering true to size

care directions (to minimize shrinkage):

  • machine wash cold
  • tumble dry low 


and it’s a long walk home, but maybe home is found in the walk, with the people we walk with.

“I was taking pictures in New York around the time that people were getting off of work and making their way back home. Crowds of people walking in different directions, getting into cabs or heading down the subway steps, some stopping for groceries, some meeting up with friends––but all eventually heading home. Sometimes, this is what life has felt like: a walk home. A continual journey towards that which feels like an extension of ourselves–a feeling of purpose, or community, or both. Maybe that place is not a place––maybe home is found while we’re looking for it, in the walk and with the people we walk with.” -andy