about us

hello. we're so glad you're here.


Wherever you go, a sneeze is a sneeze; a small reminder of our humanity as we share our unique story. achoo is a collection of representation and conservation–– our cultures, backstories, and what make us human, too. We hope to reignite the dialogue that is centered around Asian-Americans–– voices and conversation typically silenced in society today. Moreover, achoo is a place to express our cultural background, to remind ourselves of the richness and beauty of what surrounded us as we were raised.


We are two college students from Columbus, Ohio and Houston, Texas. Since 2015, we've been wanting to start a clothing brand to showcase our passion for design and manifest our love for fashion. However, since then, it's been an endless bouncing around of ideas, taking breaks from the drawing board, and a handful of failed samples. 

until 2018.

In 2018, achoo was born through simple text message exchanges on a weekday afternoon. We had initial ideas for a new clothing brand but now a brand with a purpose, with a mission. We are a family dedicated to finding the space where our cultures are respected without the sacrifice of others, and fashion is our medium to do so. We hope to create a brand that inspires people to talk about their cultures, boundlessly–– to share stories of immigration, Asian roots, Asian-American representation, among others, all the while, wearing achoo.

thanks for stopping by. feel free to pick something up on your way out. welcome to the achoo fam.