same roots, different upbringings, and an eventual tiktok collision.

10,861 km or 6,749 mi.

That’s the distance between Seoul, Korea and Columbus, Ohio and the same distance Daesung traveled to settle down in Ohio now with his family.

waltham, massachusetts, est. 1996.

Gill was born in the small city of Waitham and lived there for a few years with his family before settling down and growing up in Columbus, Ohio.

same roots and the same struggle with culture.

Gill and Daesung posesses the same roots, differed in the surroundings by which they were raised, but equally question their cultural identity. Whether it was the kimchi Gill brought along with his elementary school lunches or Daesung’s struggle with conforming to the American education system, both homies had a moment of wrestle, balancing the two cultures. 

then came tiktok.

As a matter of fact, Gill and Daesung wouldn’t have had an opportunity to deeply connect if it wasn’t for TikTok. While they were spending quarantine creating content of current trends or showcasing their own interests and cultural inspirations through 30-60second videos, their worlds eventually collided.

the tiktok collab.

we all met over korean bbq-flavored chicken wings in august and threw around the idea of how we showcase their their life stories and quarantine adventures through achoo. 

Daesung designed a piece that reminds us to latch onto the feeling of a new day. each new day comes with its own set of trials and challenges, but also, its own set of joys and wonders.

Gill designed a piece that reminds us to discover our own personal dreams and goals despite the bumps and obstacles you may come across along the way.

^^Both pieces are available for pre-order from now until Dec. 1st. :))

das a wrap.

take care, achoo fam.

––achoo international

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