love recycles.

one part experience.

in the past, we went with our supplier's default plastic polybags (the super loud ones that sounded like you were crumpling up a bag of chips). not only were the adhesives on those insecure, but they were also non-biodegradable; they could collect in landfills for years. for this full drop, we wanted to add to the experience of unboxing an achoo product. we wanted to make sure that when you were shopping achoo, you would get all the premium touches with it––from opening our signature yellow mailers to unzipping the top of our frosted bags just to reveal the art that was kept inside. 

ninety-nine parts sustainable.

all the packaging from this drop is roughly 99% reusable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable. hitting the big 100 is a challenge for us, we know, with the added hangtag strings and silica beads, but we call on you all to do the part to dispose of the 1-percent properly and recycle the 99. 

one day, we can possibly hit that big one hunna, but until then, we're pleased to present you premium and sustainable packaging for this season's drop. :') 



––achoo international

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