why (we love) The Sixties.

bet. you scanned our QR code (or you're just here because you've dug far enough into our website to find this post).


a side hustle.

we approached henry and vicky on a whim because we loved everything that they were doing – a home-grown small embroidery business was hustling in charlotte, nc. 

embracing change.

after too many twists and turns, we finally designed the current piece featured on the website: i am. embracing change. we wanted this piece to shed some light on today's current world climate; there is just so much going on, yet it's all change that we are embracing. 


with the small black tag on the corner and our fine-line split tone, we wanted to remind y'all about the power of your own identities. though the world is changing, what remains true and core to us does not have to.


shop the piece on our website.

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