1.5 drop.


it's been one-and-a-half weeks since we dropped our 1.5 hoodie restock. remember our first *soft* drop, the "people of color" drop? this 1.5 drop is a continuation of that same series, first being able to outline our identity to now making a statement about us trying to live it. this one's dedicated to the 1.5 generation.

people just trying to be people. 

in this day and age, we are all people. however, groups, norms, and society itself seem to think they have a way of telling us how to live. this is seen through racism, stereotypes, you name it. at the end of the day, we're all just people just trying to be people –– trying to live our own lives and doing what is best for us. we get to choose how to be comfortable in our own skin, and if others aren’t chill with that, then we have the all the right to speak up.


be on the lookout for our full line drop in october. we'll release part three of our series then with a different statement on the back. 



-achoo international


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