soymilkbois | I Love You Phở-ever art sticker

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The perfect Valentine's Day sticker to confess your love with a pun! Wheter it be for a significant other, your best friend, or even yourself, this sticker is sure to brighten up someone's day! This sticker is perfect for bullet journaling, as a gift, and even for decoration!

this set has a total of seven stickers, one being sushi Appa and the six others being the nigiri sushi. stickers are made with matte, weatherproof paper. all designs and stickers are personally made by @soymilkbois! visit her Instagram (@soymilkbois) for more art and updates!

- Dimensions -
H: ~1.5in. W: ~2.5in.

- Highlights -
All stickers are made of vinyl and are waterproof :)

- Recommended -
These stickers are perfect as a gift or even decoration! Or both!

Made with a whole lotta love and imagination!

With love,
Theresa ♡

see more of theresa's art on instagram @soymilkbois ~